Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Whip Hand progression

There were more, this is the cut down version :P

Another Dee-Con fan art... FINALLY

"The Whip Hand", Digital painting, A3/A4
YAY, oh my god that became more detailed than i had anticipated. Patience and sleep were lost. Anyway only my second piece for Dee- Con so far (the next 2 weeks should be hectic) Sherlock fan art (BBC), the actor is Benedict Cumberbatch, and the reference was from a screen cap from series 2, episode 1 "A Scandal in Belgravia". I might still change it... progress shots to follow :)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Expressions practice

When i should've been painting actual pieces for Dee- con I decided to procrastinate by drawing all the expressions from a scene in A Scandal in Belgravia, series 2 of Sherlock (BBC). Sherlock is taken to Buckingham palace and as an act of defiance refuses to get dressed for the occasion, John is brought along separately and the following exchange is mainly dialogue- less; Martin Freeman's face does all the talking. He has so much sass. I was also trying out a more cartoony style from what i'm used to bashing out.